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If growth, scalability, and expansion are your goals, you should hire a fully managed Virtual Crew to do those efficiently.


Hire Virtual Assistants in 6 Key Business Areas


Hire our smart Virtual Crews, to delegate repetitive business tasks, and
advance toward ultimate growth and success.


Fully Managed VA vs. Independent VA


  • Delegation: Take over your tasks, enabling you to focus on your business growth and expansion.

  • All-in-one service: An Account Manager for Strategic Planning, a Virtual Assistant to perform your daily, repetitive tasks, a Project Manager to oversee advanced tasks, and a Support Team to ensure quality.

  • Scalability: We can quickly assign additional virtual crew as your business grows, saving you the time and effort required to find and onboard new talent independently.

  • Upskilling in areas of Growth: We continuously upskill and train our onboarded Virtual Crew.

  • Quality Control: We have quality control measures to ensure that our Virtual Crew consistently deliver high-quality work, giving you peace of mind about the tasks they handle.

  • Build SOPs for your business to ensure continuity and zero downtime.

  • Similar pricing as hiring an independent VA.


  • Takes a lot of time to find the right person with a cultural fit.

  • No assurance with availability and reliability.

  • Without a support team in the background, projects are likely to be delivered late all the time.

  • Need hands-on supervision, which you’d have to do on your own.

  • You’re required to constantly check the quality of the VA’s tasks and output.

  • Going on unannounced sick leaves.

  • Availability: Independent VAs might not always be available when you need them, especially during peak demand periods, which can disrupt your workflow.

  • Disappearing on holidays, meaning no backup in an emergency or heavy workload.

  • Limited Oversight: Independent VAs may not have the same level of accountability or quality control measures as those working through agencies, potentially leading to inconsistencies in performance.


Onboard “Growth-Focused” Virtual Crew

Day One

You can use this to align with your MyCloudCrew Account Manager and review the proposed KPIs in accordance with your set objectives. Your Content Marketer will also be briefed by the Account Manager of the details of your lease agreement, including work hours and schedules, tools, and general information about the company.

The first day is also when your Content Marketer will be reporting to you for duty. It is highly suggested you devote a significant amount of time here orienting your new staff with your company objectives and your expectations for the job. Afterwards, you can spend the rest of the day turning over the content management accounts and going over the specific KPIs. This would also be a good time to agree to a schedule on when to meet regularly for updates, when to submit reports, and even how should each workday start and end.

By the end of the day, your Content Marketer should already be armed with the knowledge about your company, your objectives, your expectations for the role, and a general schedule. The work process and the tools to be used should also be clear to all parties by this time.

Day Two

If needed, the second day of your Content Marketer can be used for additional training for your company’s specific marketing workflows and learning more about previous marketing campaigns and strategies. This session can prove invaluable as it shares your company’s previous experiences and helps frame the objectives from the client’s point of view.

By Day Two, your Content Marketer will now start with the initial framework for your marketing. You can share marketing specifics and goals at this point, and the Content Marketer will now flesh out a campaign plan, calendar and recommendations for your approval.

Day Three

If you haven’t started by the second day, your Content Marketer should be good to go by Day Three!

You can now devote your valuable time looking after areas of your business that require your attention, or think of new ways to grow your company.



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