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Cloud Staff Leasing

Access a wealth of full-time talent — pre-screened, trained and ready to go. All from only 10 hours per month. Build and scale an entire team for a fraction of the cost of traditional staffing.

Content Marketer

Develops your content strategy across long-form (blog) and short-form (social media)
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Funnel Specialists

Maps out every stage of your marketing funnel — now a core function of any digital marketing initiative
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Social Media Specialists

Manages as many channels as your business requires, across B2B and B2C industries
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Web Developers

Our developers work full-time but can be fractionally accessed from as little as 0 hours/month
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Digital Marketers

Rolls out multi-faceted marketing programs across organic and paid channels
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Graphic Designers

Creates visual communication collaterals — web pages, brochures, logos, annual reports, ads, and more
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Virtual Assistants

Develops your content strategy across long-form (blog) and short-form (social media)
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Customer Support

Our seasoned live chat agents are ready to be added to your live chat channels within 24 hours
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Accounting firm or SME looking for highly qualified, low-cost talent? Our staff is ready to start today
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Seasoned bookkeepers with experience across multiple accounting platforms
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Run My Business

Your Operations, Marketing, Finance, and other functions — all under one roof


Grow My Business

Focus on marketing strategy by outsourcing your marketing functions


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