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What you need is a team that seamlessly integrates with your operations and empowers you to focus on growth without costly overheads. Transform your business with My Cloud Crew!

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Our virtual professionals are equipped to streamline your operations and enhance productivity—no matter the industry.


A diverse team of skilled professionals with expertise

Our team comprises experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds and with a wide range of skills and expertise.

Access different levels of crews

Each business is unique and hiring needs are specific to internal factors, such as management experience and role complexity.

A single point-of-contact throughout

Your Account Manager is your main point of contact – she onboards you, co-manages your team, sends your invoices, pays your team, and more.

Interview and hire on same day

We’ve built our entire recruitment, screening and training program based on the assumption that you need to hire right now, or a few days from right now.

Onboard crew via video

We’ll show you how to onboard, train, and manage your hired crew members.

Build out tasks in the Cloud

We’ll help you build out your task lists and business processes within our online staff management platform.

Time logged & monitored in real time

You’ll have real=time access to your crew’s virtual timesheets. If she’s unable to work on a given day, your Account Manager will immediately notify you via SMS.


Hire Specialized Talent in your Industry

Property Management
HR & Recruiting
Online Coaching
Engineering Design
Real Estate


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Affordable and Flexible Plans

We believe in providing value that aligns with your goals. Choose the plan that suits you best and unlock a world of possibilities.


Elevating your Business through Metric-focused Innovation

Explore the transformative potential of leveraging data-driven innovation strategies to propel your business to unprecedented levels of success.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Alyssa Parr thumbnail
I have been thrilled with Angie’s enthusiasm, accountability, and ability to quickly adapt to my workload! I would to continue having Angie work for me and keep this going! It’s helped me see how valuable having an extra team member is!
Alyssa Parr
CEO - Luminescent Dreams
Dr. Myra Brennan thumbnail
Bernice is wonderful to work with. I am very pleased with her level of professionalism and our collaboration is very pleasant and enjoyable. I am looking forward to having a long-term working relationship with her!
Dr. Myra Brennan
Dental Specialist - Icusmile Specialty Clinic
Joshua Brownson thumbnail
Paulina is a blessing, and it’s a night and day difference. Thank you for connecting me with her. We appreciate you.
Joshua Brownson
Sales & Marketing Specialist - RH Benefits Insurance Services, Inc.
Heather Shelley thumbnail
Love , love, love the newsletter…This is probably one of the best newsletters we’ve ever sent out with formatting and graphics.
Heather Shelley
Certified Professional Midwife - VGentle Wellness and Aesthetics
Karina Bridges thumbnail
AJ is absolutely amazing! She is a very fast learner, efficient and an absolute delight to work with!
Karina Bridges
Mortgage & Lending Specialist - Blueprint Financial Services
Yony Kifle thumbnail
Just want to let you know, Megan, has been EXCELLENT so far. I have been very impressed with her attention to detail and her willingness and commitment to figure out everything that is required of this job very quickly!
Yony Kifle
President & Founder - Your DMV Team Realty
Paula Euse thumbnail
Lisa is doing great! She requires little or no guidance. Her communication and ability to finalize tasks have been fantastic!
Paula Euse
VP of Marketing - Havrion
Gordon Harris thumbnail
I am so happy with the team. They really have changed my life. But more than that, they have put my business on a pathway to the stars. Things just happen and the business just keeps improving. More importantly, I can concentrate on the things I should be doing. I have nothing but the highest praise for all that is happening.
Gordon Harris
Voice Instructor - GH Singing Studios


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