Compared to traditional marketing (i.e., print and TV), social media marketing is the most effective and convenient way to reach new customers and engage existing ones. Social media marketing also allows businesses and brands to drive sales and increase their respective market shares. However, social media marketing is more than just an online presence or a viral video; effective social media marketing requires time, commitment, and command of the different platforms, systems, goals, metrics, and key performance indicators. More importantly, an efficient one is best done by a social media team whose know-how for comprehensive social media management can complement any in-house marketing setup.

Hiring more internal social media staff is possible, but remember, this is a costly and time-consuming option. The better option? Outsource your company’s social media to a reputable business process outsourcing (BPO) firm. When you partner with a BPO that already has a team of social media experts in place, your company gets the social media results you need for less time and money. Besides the cost advantages, your company also benefits from the productivity advantages, and here are the top eight advantages of outsourced social media marketing:

1. Access to social media specialists and tried-and-true social media systems

When you outsource social media work, social media specialists already have an excellent grasp of the technicalities of state-of-the-art social media systems. They provide you with peace of mind; they know how to handle every outsourced task efficiently because they’re the experts, and they bring years of experience in social media practices. More importantly, you tap into the outsourced team’s group synergy and productivity. They work well with one another, achieve outcomes through the combined efforts of all team members, and have client testimonials to back them up.

2. Gain an entire team for less than the price of one full-time hire

Expanding your existing team with a full-time employee costs money. It costs far less to contract the social media work to an external team overseas. You don’t need to spend on infrastructure, such as actual physical space in your office, and buy new hardware and software equipment. You also reap the cost advantages, such as lower wages and operating costs, of outsourced social media marketing.

3. Save both time and money in hiring and training new employees

You enjoy cost savings at the recruitment and training levels, too. Your Human Resources staff can go about their day-to-day work and not request an extra budget for recruitment, onboarding, and training. Your outsourcing partner handles recruitment, onboarding, and training and packages everything in the service contract.

4. Welcome a fresh take or perspective on your company’s social media content

A new pair of eyes provides a unique outlook on your brand and its social media messaging. Social media experts offer strategic alternatives and valuable insights into the existing social media feed. If you want the course correction to start from scratch, then that’s possible, too. Your outsourced team members can brainstorm and work together to develop concrete social media marketing recommendations.

5. Free up in-house resources for other value-enhancing purposes

As mentioned previously, social media marketing requires time, effort, and commitment. By allocating several social media tasks externally, you avoid overburdening and weighing down your in-office employees with extra work outside their scope of responsibility. Your internal staff members focus on their core functions that add value to your company.

6. Easier to boost productivity and scale business output

By maximising the productivity advantages of outsourced social media marketing, your in-house staff themselves experience a boost in productivity—they’re now more engaged with their primary job functions. Productive, engaged employees can help you strategize and look for business expansion opportunities. More business opportunities also enable you to invest in research and development and build your brand further.

7. Focus on the core competencies of your business

When you have a trustworthy outsourced team working round the clock for your company’s social media operations, you finally have more time for your company’s core competencies. You also have more time to assess which of your business activities achieve the best results and which initiatives do not.

8. Experience fewer frustrations and logistical challenges of doing everything internally

The DIY approach to marketing your business online through social media platforms is not impossible, but it’s not the best strategy. By doing every social media aspect in-house, you and employees lose out on the productivity and cost advantages of outsourced social media marketing. You and your internal team could be working on new projects instead of troubleshooting social media roadblocks that you may encounter.

Social media marketing involves many moving pieces. These pieces, aspects, or features can, unfortunately, distract you and your in-house employees from accomplishing core business tasks and fulfilling brand-building opportunities. Outsourced high-quality social media work is within your reach, and a professional BPO firm with a dedicated team of social media marketers can make this happen.

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