One of the most prominent mistakes any brand or business can make is to utilise a one-size-fits-all approach to customer experience. In the digital marketing sphere, customers discover brands and engage with them online at different stages. These stages, or the social media marketing funnel, represent the complete timeline or journey of a customer’s experience.

From customer acquisition (i.e., awareness and consideration) to customer engagement (i.e., conversion) and customer retention (i.e., loyalty and advocacy), social funnels marketing is the go-to cheat sheet that lead-generation experts or Marketing Funnels Managers depend on. With its data-driven information, social funnels marketing prompts a Marketing Funnels Manager which strategy best influences prospects and which one works best for repeat customers.

Strategies include paid media campaigns, remarketing ads, and the boomerang marketing or boomerang method. A classic sales technique, boomerang marketing enables salespeople to see a prospect’s purchase hesitation as an opportunity and not as a rejection. Boomerang marketing also provides salespeople with information on how to tweak the promotional message to win back the prospect.

You can apply the same strategy to your e-commerce brand or business by working with an experienced Marketing Funnels Manager. You could even hire an outsourced Marketing Funnels Manager if you would like to tap proven expertise offshore, scale fast, and save cost. Marketing Funnels Managers know how to maximise boomerang marketing with their paid traffic mastery and conversion funnel mastery. They’re knowledgeable in re-capturing prospects and leads who have visited your website or mobile app and shown an interest, no matter what stage of the customer journey.

Here are the techniques your Marketing Funnels Manager uses to fit the social media funnels marketing into the boomerang marketing philosophy.

Customer Journey Stage 1: Awareness

Your Marketing Funnels Manager can attract cold traffic through content-worthy blog posts with the most effective search engine optimisation (SEO) keywords and set up Lookalike Audiences on Facebook to tap new prospects. Lookalike Audiences on Facebook allows your business to look for leads who are likely to be interested in your products and services based on recent purchases.

Customer Journey Stage 2: Consideration

Your social funnels marketing specialist can optimise your online channels’ content to score the best engagement and reserve Facebook remarketing ads for people who have engaged with your business in the past. These previous engagements may be in the form of a website visit or a mobile app usage.

Customer Journey Stage 3: Action

Your outsourced expert can complement your brand’s social media interactions with email marketing, such as exclusive offers and cart abandonment messages, and capitalise on leads who have already expressed their intent to buy (e.g., clicking an ad, going through a trial, and signing up for the newsletter).

Customer Journey Stage 4: Engagement

The right social media content can make your customers feel that they’re part of an engaged community. It’s crucial to nurture this relationship to stay top of mind and encourage repeat purchases. A Marketing Funnels Manager can track a customer’s account activity and strategise with the rest of your digital marketing team to take full advantage of your brand’s engagement strategy.

Customer Journey Stage 5: Advocacy

From cold leads to fans to customers to brand advocates, patrons at this stage can help bring in more prospects and engage co-customers with their user-generated content, authentic reviews, and community-led conversations. In addition, your social funnels marketing specialist can generate sustained interest from brand loyalists by segmenting paid campaigns and adding exclusive value to customers post-purchase without spamming them.

It takes an expert to leverage the power of boomerang marketing fully. Different customer journey stages need different tactics. Again, a one-size-fits-all approach to the customer experience is a mistake today’s e-commerce businesses cannot afford to make. Work with a Marketing Funnels Manager, and set your business up for success to attract as many leads and engage with as many repeat customers as possible.

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