The Content Marketer

The Content Marketer is proficient in developing engaging content to attract and retain customers. For this position, it is essential for the Content Marketer to stay updated with new, relevant Digital Marketing technologies and highly aware of current marketing trends. You engage the the Content Marketer as part of the DIgital Marketing Crew, or hired as an independent marketer.

The duties and responsibilities are:

  • Develop content marketing plans
  • Formulate strategies to drive high quality traffic that converts to leads and sales
  • Collaborate with design and writing teams to produce high quality content
  • Prepare editorial calendar that supports the content strategy
  • Distribute content through various channels as agreed with client
  • Optimize content for SEO
  • Edit, proofread and improve content as necessary
  • Monitor and analyze web traffic metrics
  • Gather and analyze customer feedback
  • Prepare regular reports and recommendations

Content strategy & calendar creation

Timing is everything. Through careful planning, your content releases will follow a timetable that is designed to maximize their exposure and reach the most number of eyeballs. Planning also ensures that your posts don’t compete with each other, which can potentially dilute your message.

Content Creation

With so much information out there, creating personalized content tailored to your brand or products helps make it stand out. Your Content Marketer will develop informative and compelling content that can attract visitors to your pages and foster organic growth.

Content Distribution

Where to post your content is equally important as creating one. Your Content Marketer will map out and recommend the best social media site for each content. Depending on your requirements, the promotion of content can be owned earned, or paid.

Content Marketer

According to the content marketing institute, content marketing is a “strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”. Simply put, content marketing allows you to build a story that customers can relate to. This leads to trust, and with trust comes improved willingness to do business with you.

Content Marketer Hiring Qualifications

  • Degree in Communications, Marketing, Journalism or relevant field
  • Excellent English communication and writing skills
  • Editorial mindset that is attuned to audiences
  • Experience in content and social media platforms such as Hootsuite or CoSchedule
  • Experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Working knowledge of social media platforms and project management
  • Basic knowledge of web publishing systems such as WordPress or other Content Management Software
  • Proficiency in MS Office
  • Attention to detail

Measuring Performance

As a business owner who hired a virtual staff, you’re probably more interested in seeing results than knowing how things work. After all, this is one of the major reasons for outsourcing. While MyCloudCrew will gladly leave out the technical jargon during our interactions and just get to work, we think it will benefit you to have a basic understanding of what it is you’re paying for.

Content Marketing metrics are a great way to set goals and benchmark actual performance against targets.

Setting your business goals for Content Marketing

Before we actually get down to work, MyCloudCrew will help you set measurable goals so you can gauge the effectiveness of your Content Marketer. We start by defining your business objectives.

What is your main objective for getting a Content Marketer?

  • Increase brand awareness and visibility
  • Generate more leads and conversions to sales

The main objectives are not limited to the goals above, nor are they limited to one. They can be lower in scope such as increase website traffic, build up likes and followers, or regularly publish content. Your MyCloudCrew Account Manager will sit down with you to discuss the specific objectives that you want accomplished by your Content Marketer.

Key Performance Indicators

Once you have determined your main goal with your MyCloudCrew Account Manager, your Content Marketer’s Key Performance Indicators will adapt to it. They should contain measurable values related to the efforts made for your marketing campaigns and strategy.

Example: Brand awareness

Increasing brand awareness ensures that in the sea of information out there, your company and your brand stand out and get their rightful share of eyeballs. This can be achieved by producing content that is visible, relevant, and helpful.

The Content Manager shall spearhead the content campaign execution. Tasks include laying out a content schedule, producing compelling content, distributing it to various channels, and monitoring the results. The KPIs to check if the campaign for this objective include some of the following metrics:

  • Social media reach
  • Media mentions
  • Brand mentions

These KPIs will be set against measurable target goals, which will be based on your company’s historical data. This way, you can monitor at a glance if your MyCloudCrew Content Marketer is delivering the results you want.

Your MyCloudCrew Account Manager will help align your business objectives with the Content Marketer’s KPIs.

Training & onboarding a content marketer

As much as we’d like to jump into the work immediately, an introduction into your company goes a long way in establishing a working relationship with your Content Marketer. We have already handled the training and development of our MyCloudCrew candidates prior to your selection, so they’ll just need to get oriented with your company and the way you handle your business. Taking time to learn about your objectives, values, and processes can help create content that’s dear to your heart.


While MyCloudCrew Content Marketers are already equipped to provide you with quality service and experience, we provide additional training courses to ensure that they are armed with current and relevant knowledge.

Prior to deployment to clients, Content Marketers will undergo HubSpot Academy training on Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing. A passing grade and certification will be required before they are allowed to service clients.

Along their MyCloudCrew journey, Content Marketers will be subjected to additional training courses, refreshers, and seminars to keep them abreast of industry trends. They will also be encouraged to continue to self-learn in between projects to maintain their digital marketing edge.