Your Job Description Cheat-Sheet

Unsure about which marketing roles do which functions? Our inbound marketing roles cheat sheet not only show you the specific tasks that relate to each role, but also show you which tools are generally needed in order to perform that role well

Need help in building your Job Description?

Inbound marketing has become incredibly diverse over the past 5 years. Roles exist now that did not exist a decade ago. The table below attempts to demystify the link between roles and tasks, giving you clarity about which role (or role) you need to hire to achieve your marketing goals. Ultimately you are left with the decision to:

  1. Hire a specialist (4+ starts across their specific functions)
  2. Hire a full-stack marketer (3+ starts across most functions)
  3. Hire a full-stack marketing team (4+ stars across most functions)
MCC_job description