Content Marketer

  • Content strategy, social, blogging, content marketing
  • Access tried & proven My Cloud Crew employees
  • Hire for 10, 20 40, or 80 hours per month
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Content Calendar, Creation & Social distribution

A content marketer will create & manage your content strategy across social, blog & more

Drive organic lead growth

With the creation compelling, keyword-driven content, your content marketer will drive lead volume through organic traffic growth. They will then use their social media expertise to disseminate that content through your social channels

Certified Content Marketers

At My Cloud Crew™, every content marketer has been certified through the world-renowned Digital Marketer™ Content Marketing Mastery course, completed by thousands of digital marketers around the world.

On demand from 10 hours/month

While all My Cloud Crew™ Content Marketers work full-time, they can be fractionally accessed from as little as 10 hours per month through the working day.

Your Content Marketing. Done

Content Strategy & Calendar

Your content marketer will develop your content strategy across long-form (Blog) and short-form (Social). Once created, they will roll this out on a daily or weekly basis, depending upon your content goals and the volume of their role (10, 20 40, or 80 hours)