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Hire a My Cloud Crew employee for 10, 20, 40, or 80 hours per month. Instantly access candidates for interview.

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Cloud Staff Leasing

Access a wealth of full-time talent pre-screened, trained and ready to go, across Digital Marketing, Finance, Operations & Support, all from only 20 hours per month. Pioneering the new era of fractional staff leasing, My Cloud Crew™ allows you to build and scale an entire team for a fraction of the cost of traditional staffing

Interview & Hire on the same day

We get it, very few business owners map out hiring months in advance. You want your Virtual Assistant to start either right now, or a few days from now. We have built our entire recruitment, screening and training program based on that assumption and have existing staff ready to interview today

Onboard your staff via video-conference

Your seasoned account manager will show you how to onboard, train and manage your hired crew member, kicking off with your first video-conference training session. Interview tips will be provided to ensure you make the right hiring decision based on your specific needs

Build out your task lists & processes in the cloud

Your dedicated account manager will help you build out your task lists and business processes within our cloud staff/task management platform. You and your staff will be given immediate access so you can start building, automating and delegating.

Time logged & monitored in real-time

Your crew, where relevant, will log every minute spent working on your tasks. You will have access to timesheets for every team member in real-time in the cloud. Each and every task will contain timestamps and time-spent, with the ability to also message & upload documents against specific tasks & deliverables