Role Blueprints

There’s a blueprint for every person you hire.

First time to outsource? Or first time hiring a specific role? All good. Many of our clients were strangers to outsourcing, too — so we’ve created these Role Blueprints to shorten your learning curve and get you up and running, fast.

  • Job Description
  • Where they fit in the org chart
  • Direction & Priorities
  • Tools & Software
  • Measuring Performance
  • Onboarding

Bonus Content: eGuides & Templates

Everything you need to get started today

Role Blueprints, eGuides, downloadable templates, prebuilt SOPs, video tutorials, and world-class support to guide you at each step of the way. We’re ready when you are.

Virtual Assistant
Social Media Marketer
Content Marketer
Technical Support Staff
Customer Support Staff
Web Developer