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Why hire a Virtual Assistant?

Successful companies benefit from having individuals with good administrative and customer service skills.

With a virtual assistant, you can focus on your company instead of the paperwork that comes with running it. They have a knack for multitasking across many aspects of the business and are flexible and organized with their work. For those reasons, you get to spend time on what you’re supposed to do and not worry about supervising and training your staff.

Another thing you don’t have to worry about anymore is that VAs work remotely. They provide their own office space and equipment. There’s also no need to pay for their tax, insurance, and other expenses as you do with a permanent employee. They are also paid based on their work hours and are not bound to the minimum hour commitment. So while you are growing your team, you are also boosting the value of the work for every dollar you spend.

Job Description

Simply put, virtual assistants are like personal assistants in offices. The big difference is them not being in an office. They work remotely and do not necessarily follow regular office hours.

VAs are experienced and independent individuals and are efficient doing administrative support. They manage your schedules and your deadlines are part of their workflow. They also handle the company’s communications. Companies offering products or services can even have the VA as the primary contact point to assist or get customer feedback.

Besides responding to emails and calls, they take on other responsibilities. In database management, they input and compile data, check for accuracy, and edit records. And by accomplishing all these tasks, VAs maintain an organized workspace and a functional office.

  • A good virtual assistant will have excellent oral and written communication skills. Knowing how to write well is always going to be a fantastic skill to have.
  • Project management skills
  • Demonstrating expert IT skills is a brilliant skill to have, particularly if you’re looking for an assistant to create Powerpoint presentations, documents, reports or spreadsheets.
  • VAs should be able to multitask well, meaning they require excellent attention to detail.
  • Good decision-making skills. A VA will have to judge the right outcome or think outside the box to find a suitable solution. A VA may also have to think fast if a problem arises, demonstrating the aptitude to process information speedily.
  • Social media management: Social media plays a central role in any company marketing strategy. This may involve knowing how to use a range of social media platforms, creating social media content and engaging with other users.
  • They’re going to need outstanding customer service skills. This means working well under pressure, being able to communicate effectively via phone or email and going out of their way to create a welcoming experience.
  • Word processing skills (since) VAs may have to format documents, organize files, undertake research, perform transcription duties or make daa look presentable.
  • Having a good knowledge of cloud-based apps, such as Google Docs and Dropbox if you’re working on business documents and files in real-time.
  • A VA with creative skills can support your business in establishing new initiatives, assisting with ad and marketing campaigns, performing lad generation and so much more.
  • Administrative support
  • Manage corporate schedules & appointments
  • Manage of contact list
  • Draft travel plans
  • Encoding
  • Handle emails
  • Prepare customer spreadsheets
  • Keep online records
  • Issue invoices
  • Data entry

Where they fit in the org chart

Direction & Priorities

While admin tasks can be overwhelming on top of your responsibilities for the company, a virtual assistant is fit and capable of doing all that.

The VAs’ focus is on providing services in the general administrative functions of the company’s different units. They specialize in office support and maintenance. This includes calendar management, database management, and communications. The tasks involved are scheduling meetings, data entry, and maintaining a database for clients and customers. And then handling emails and phone calls remotely to respond to and communicate with customers, clients, and employees.

A well-planned idea will be executed well. Having a clear set of goals and direction is essential for any plan to become successful.

It sets a guideline to follow for our marketing campaigns so that it aligns perfectly with what we want to achieve. Furthermore, it gives us the groundwork to tailor-fit our strategies in engaging with your customers in a relevant and timely way. We want to develop SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) goals and strategies to develop content that would lead our customers to choose us over our competitors.

Digital Marketing is the most affordable and effective way to market to your customers. By listening and monitoring your social media metrics, you can analyse where your customers are engaging with your brand more deeply and when you would be able to most effectively market to them your products. By analysing the right information and at the right time, you can grow your business successfully with a large variety of digital marketing platforms, such as email and social media.
By identifying the key conversion points in your marketing funnel, you would be able to optimise the way you market to your customers digitally. In doing so, you would be targeting two of the main goals of digital marketing: Lead Generation and Brand Awareness. It is the Digital Marketer’s role to plan and manage your digital marketing channels to generate interest in your brand online and create strategies that would entice them to try your product and become confirmed leads.

Tools & Software

A Digital Marketer’s work is supplanted by the use of a variety of tools. There is a large array of software available at the Digital Marketer’s disposal to make their work more efficient and accurate. These programs range from those that serve as a means to help communicate with colleagues and clients more efficiently, to content creation, and to monitoring activity and progress.

Recommended Apps