General Virtual Assistant | Role & Responsibilities

  • Travel management

  • Calendar management

  • Email management

  • Online research

  • Social media monitoring

  • Blogging

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Paying suppliers

  • Facebook engagement

  • Flowers for the wife?

Key Performance Indicators

  • Inbox cleansed every 4 business hours

  • Bank account reconciled by 5pm every Friday

  • All client emails replied to in < 90 minutes

  • Calendar updated and communicated twice daily at 11am and 4pm

— Reporting Structure —
Who should hire a General Virtual Assistant?

A General Virtual Assistant is a great addition to the vast majority of small to medium businesses. When venturing offshore and engaging the Philippines crew, we recommend the General Virtual Assistant solution for any business owner or middle manager with the following characteristics:

  • Cloud savvy

  • With existing processes in place

  • Has a business older than 12 months

  • With > 2 years experience managing Australians

  • Has at least an hour a week available to manage a General Virtual Assistant