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On-demand access to a full-stack team with specific competencies and skill levels — so you can focus on high-impact work

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Bespoke, all-around solutions for your real estate business

The best-kept secret of top real estate agencies and realtors? A virtual team. It frees up your time and energy so you can focus on the revenue-generating work that will take you to 7- or 8-figure status.

Money is not the only currency that real estate professionals deal in, after all. Time is just as important — which means tasks that don’t actually drive sales but can eat up your entire morning, should be taken off of your plate. If sales are down, you need people to hold down the fort while you’re out meeting with clients. If your business is growing at breakneck speed, you need people to help you keep up without compromising quality.

If you had more time to focus on high-impact work, could you close more deals? Absolutely. And time is exactly what we’re offering.

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Real estate back-office work

Delegate what you shouldn’t be doing, what you don’t like doing, and what you’re not very good at — so you can do the things that only you can do best.

General Office Management

Repetitive administrative and receptionist tasks that can be delegated to a General Virtual Assistant

  • Answer phone calls and emails

  • Schedule appointments and showings

  • Update property listings

  • Organize your database

Customer Support

Client-facing and industry-specific tasks that call for the skills and experience of a Customer Experience Specialist

  • Do real estate market research

  • Search open listings to find properties

  • Prospecting and cold-calling

  • Following up with leads