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Bespoke, all-around solutions for a Health & Fitness business

One of the biggest challenges in this industry is not having enough time to squeeze in more clients.

Most people working in Health & Fitness are hard-working entrepreneurs who are genuinely committed to making a difference in the lives of their clients. But all too often, they fall into the trap of “trying to do it all” — juggling their own calendar, deleting spam from their inbox, uploading WODs, making meal plans, updating their website. These are all things that need to get done, but it doesn’t need to be you that does them.

If you had more time to focus on high-impact work like meeting clients and networking at local events, could you scale your business better? Absolutely. And time is exactly what we’re offering.

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Health & Fitness back-office

Delegate what you shouldn’t be doing, what you don’t like doing, and what you’re not very good at — so you can do the things that only you can do best.

General Office Management

Repetitive administrative and receptionist tasks that can be delegated to a General Virtual Assistant

  • Inbox and calendar management

  • Scheduling training sessions and classes

  • Managing database and member profiles

  • Preparing and sending out invoices

  • Logging hours of trainers or therapists

Customer Support

Client-facing and industry-specific tasks that call for the skills and experience of a Customer Experience Specialist

  • Customer support on chat, email and phone

  • Uploading workout programs

  • Sending out WODs and meal plans

  • Researching Health & Fitness trends

  • Tracking clients’ health and progress charts

Marketing & Creative

Collaborative work between a Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Marketing Specialist, et al

  • Creating and managing online content

  • Email marketing and newsletter

  • Designing brochures, flyers, presentations

  • Editing photo and video content

  • Website updates

Fitness Centers
Big box and boutique gyms, group fitness studios
Personal Trainers
One-on-one training, nutritionists, dieticians
Group Classes
Specialty classes like yoga, CrossFit, Pilates
Beauty & Wellness
Spas, health clubs, wellness retreats

Getting Started

1. Choose a service plan

Each plan we offer includes a fixed number of hours that your Cloud team will work on your account. Every 30 days, those hours are replenished. Any unused time will roll over for 30 days. You can add time a la carte or upgrade your plan at any time.

3. Onboard your team

The best part? A team leader will manage your team. No need to deal with five or six different people. Just onboard your team leader, and she’ll onboard everyone else.

2. Build your team

We’ll ask you to fill out a “Getting Started” questionnaire so we can match your functions with the right people. You’ll have the opportunity to interview your team members, and add or switch roles as your needs change.

4. Start delegating

Start delegating tasks to your team leader. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to our project management platform, where you can view tasks, time spent on your account, what’s next on the list of deliverables. You can add tasks and give feedback in real time.

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How involved will I be?

During the first 30 days, we recommend a high level of involvement from you to facilitate knowledge transfer, as well as build rapport and loyalty with your crew. Think of it as compounding interest — the more time you invest upfront in training and process building, the less time will be required for ongoing management. Beyond that, be as much or as little involved as you want to be. You can simply sign off on the final output, or you can be hands-on at every stage.

What if the work volume fluctuates?

Each role in your team has flexible hours. If the volume is high, team overtime is uncapped. If the volume is low, unused hours will rollover into the next billing cycle.

Loved by the companies we work for:

“I was just reviewing our KPIs this morning and wanted to let you know what a fantastic job you’re doing.”

Andrew Farnham, Independent Music

“Leah is an amazing problem-solver. She has already created processes and is making the business run ways better than the way it was before.”

Adrienne, Second Chance Credit

“Super impressed with her work. Her accuracy and attention to detail is amazing.”

Adam, ProxyRack
“Love, love, love the newsletter… This is probably one of the best newsletters we’ve ever sent out with formatting and graphics.”
Heather, VGentle
“Ryan is an absolute rockstar. Not only is he extremely talented, he’s reliable. I can’t sing his praises enough.”
Ab Rost, STP LLC

“Camille is doing awesome! You can tell she has the experience for the role.”

Paula, UDT Online
“Von is very proactive, shows initiative, and requires minimal instruction to get going. He has been an excellent addition to the team.”
Breyel Black, Queenhood