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Client Testimonials

“I can’t believe what Jannes has done to my Facebook page. He has eliminated the “rubbish” posts, added new ones that we have negotiated, but the surprising thing for me is that he has searched out various posts that I had done in the past (in a very sporadic and disorganised way) and put them all together with our recent posts. My page is now looking amazing. He’s a genius.” – Gordon Harris

Praise for Jannes, GH Singing Studio

“They are doing phenomenal and exceptional! They are essential parts of my business. I don’t know what I’m going to do without them. They are so great and I am so glad I have them. There are things that I won’t be able to do without them. Things have been smoother and I am less stressed about things.”  – Joyce Johnson

Praise for Milyn and Jamie B, Happy Day OT

“Milyn and Vanessa are excellent, conscientious and they work hard. They’re young but I listen to them because they’re very good. You guys [MCC] are doing a great job training your people.” – Paul Rao

Praise for Milyn and Vannessa, Clickpoint Marketing

“Jannes is absolutely the best. He’s reliable, pays attention to the details, and understands new tasks quickly. Very happy with him so far!” – Noah Scott

Praise for Jannes, Single Grain

“Just want to let you know, Megan, has been EXCELLENT so far. I have been very impressed with her attention to detail and her willingness and commitment to figure out everything that is required of this job very quickly!” – Yony Kifle

Praise for Megan, DMV Realty

“I was just reviewing our KPIs this morning and wanted to let you know what a fantastic job you’re doing. Thank you very much!” – Andrew Farnham

Praise for Russel, Independent Music Academy

“We love Mk! She is fantastic. We love her work!” – Melissa Whipp

Praise for MK, Creatures of XIX

“Bernice is wonderful to work with. I am very pleased with her level of professionalism and our collaboration is very pleasant and enjoyable. I am looking forward to having a long-term working relationship with her!” – Dr Myra Brennan

Praise for Bernice, ICUsmile