Marketing Funnels Manager

  • End-to-end funnels creation and deployment
  • Social and Search funnels
  • Access tried & proven My Cloud Crew employees
  • Hire for 10, 20, 40, or 80 hours per month
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Your end-to-end marketing funnel manager

From planning to ROAS & ROI calculations, to funnel buildout in Funnelytics©, your funnels manager will conceptualize, deploy and optimize your paid media campaigns

Drive leads

If you require leads now, marketing funnels is the best way to achieve that goal, through Paid Social ads and Paid Search (Google Ads™ & Bing™)

Certified & Ready

At My Cloud Crew™ every marketing funnel specialist has been certified through the Digital Marketer™ Paid Traffic Mastery & Conversion Funnel Mastery

On demand from 10 hours/month

While all My Cloud Crew™ Marketing Funnel specialists work full-time, they can be fractionally accessed from as little as 10 hours per month through the working day.

Leverage these Online Channels


Google Ads

Google ads lets you be in the moment when your customer makes a search and is a great way to drive highly relevant, bottom-of-funnel leads to your landing pages, your Ecommerce sites, or to generate leads for your sales team.


Facebooks Ads

Facebook ads are a great way to expand your marketing reach to buyers in the pre-awareness and awareness stages, whilst also being a great way to retarget to your Google Ads audience at a much cheaper cost.


LinkedIn Ads

More and more advertisers in 2020 are moving towards LinkedIn Ads as a way to expand their marketing channels, and for good reason. LinkedIn Ads are the B2B holy grail, allowing you to target roles, industries, generate leads, drive website traffic, build brand awareness, and reach decision-makers. Create your first ad with your Pay-per-click Marketer in minutes.

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads is a powerful B2C social media communications platform. With over 800 million monthly users, Instagram represents a vast market of potential customers to tap into and drive brand awareness, consideration, and conversion.

Youtube Ads

Engage with your audiences on the world’s largest video platform.  In 2021, video proves to be the most consumed content asset and is a great way to quickly illustrate all of the dynamic elements of your brand within a budget you are comfortable spending. Make your first video ad with your Pay-per-click marketer today.

Your Funnels. Done

Funnel planning

Every stage of the funnel will be mapped out using Creately™ flowchart mapping software, which all My Cloud Crew™ staff have access to, or live within Funnelytics, for $99/month.


Marketing automation is now a core function of any digital marketing initiative and a skill that is now essential for the successful launch of marketing funnels

Reporting & Analytics

A critical part of the role will be the reporting of campaign data, all accessible within your CRM or marketing automation software, Google Analytics, and paid versions of Funnelyics.

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