Five Duties of A Content Marketing Manager

“Focus on the core problem your business solves and put out lots of content and enthusiasm and ideas about how to solve that problem.”

— Laura Fitton

When it comes to effectively marketing your brand and reaching out to your intended audience, it’s no secret that one of the most important driving forces is content. But not just any content, mind you, but great content.

In today’s fast-paced landscape, you have to produce innovative content across different kinds of media in order to grab the attention of your viewers and also prompt them to act by sharing your content across their social channels and networks.

Business owners especially know that content fuels social media marketing, email marketing, lead nurturing, and more. And who creates these provocative, informative, educational, and/or humorous posts? Why, Content Marketing Managers of course!

They create high-quality content valuable enough to attract, inform, and engage an audience, while also promoting your brand. That’s the gist of it, but what exactly does a Content Marketing Manager do? Here are the specifics:

Content Marketing Manager Responsibilities

1. Strategising

A good Content Marketing Manager takes a unique and thorough approach to creating an overall strategy for clients that is congruent with the client’s business goals. The end strategy takes into account the client’s business type, budget, target audience, brand, etc. That said, strategising includes the following:

  • Market Research/Competitor Analysis
  • Content Audit
  • Business Avatar Creation
  • Funnel/Customer Journey Building
  • Content Marketing Tools Management
  • Goal/KPI Setting and Tracking
  • Posting Channels Management
  • Content Budget Management

2. Planning

Having a “strategy” is different from having a “plan”. These two words are often interchanged and they are both methods for achieving an end, but they each have strengths and purposes that aren’t necessarily the same: A plan is a concrete arrangement, pattern, or scheme created for a specific purpose, while a strategy is a general outline or idea also directed to achieve something but is more flexible and open for adaptation and change when needed. A Content Marketing Manager does both. The planning part includes:

  • Cross-channel Content Calendar/Editorial Plan Creation
  • Automated Workflow Mapping and Creation
  • Content Activity Scheduling, Posting, and Monitoring

3. Content Asset Production

This is the most obvious responsibility of a Content Marketing Manager. Thus the need for strong written communication skills with the ability to create content that is free of grammatical errors and is on-brand to be able to efficiently and outstandingly do the following tasks:

  • Copywriting
  • Headline Composition
  • CTA Formulation
  • Content Optimization for SEO
  • Content Idea Generation
  • Content Proofreading and Editing

4. Promotion

Every Content Marketing Manager should have knowledge of paid and organic promotional tactics to promote their client’s content through relevant channels. To do so, the following duties also fall into their task bucket:

  • Industry Trends Research and Monitoring
  • Posting Channel Outlets Coordination
  • Promotional Plan Creation and Execution

5. Analytics

That’s right. If you didn’t know it before, now you know that the responsibilities of the Content Marketing Manager do not just stop at planning and execution. They also include analysing content (i.e. how well received, how far the reach, etc.) by assessing the outcome of campaigns to determine possible causes and make well-informed recommendations. This means that a Content Marketing Manager has to do:

  • Content Campaign Results Monitoring
  • Content Asset/Campaign Performance Reporting

Hiring a Content Marketing Manager

So now that you know what the role entails and how amazing the person must be to fill it, you might be wondering where you might find such a person. Great Content Marketing Managers can be hard to find, so you might have trouble contracting someone with the exact exquisite skills and experience to get the job done.

There are certain things to look out for — things that our Talent Specialists at My Cloud Crew can most definitely help you with. Hire a Content Marketer today and get your blog posts, marketing materials, whitepapers, and other content live and make your brand known!

Ready to take your business to the next level? Find out what our Content Marketers can do for you.

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