18 Benefits of SEO to Your Business Efforts

“SEO is a marketing function for sure, but it needs to be baked into a product, not slapped on like icing after the cake is baked.”

— Duane Forrester

Most businesses now include Search Engine Optimisation in their marketing plans to rank up their websites to the top spots of search engines such as Google. The ultimate goal is to let people know about your website and lead them towards it.

Search engines like Google use different complex algorithms to arrange search results in the most relevant order for the user, and it is any SEO virtual assistant or SEO companies’ job to get your brand on the first page of these search results. This is why SEO has become so essential for any brand website to increase its online presence, and we have listed a few more reasons as to why you should invest in these practices.

1. Get targeted traffic

Users that come to your website from any search engine have a particular problem they want to solve. Providing your users with the answer to these problems will increase the chances of your users to stay or come back to your site and share it with others.

2. Brand Visibility and Awareness

When you start to incorporate SEO or hire your SEO virtual assistant to your marketing campaign and brand, search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo take notice and start to calculate the relevancy of your content. Especially with the ever-changing dimensions of digital marketing today, it is a great way to bring value to plenty of users.

3. High Ranking on SERPs

Having a mobile-friendly site that has a good interface and quality content can get you up to the top rankings of search engine results. This is one of the most prominent benefits that SEO can provide to any online campaign.

4. Earn credibility

Websites that rank at the top or found on the first page of SERPs are deemed credible and trusted by Google. This can build a good reputation for your audience and better exposure to your brand content.

5. High Authority and Establishment

Earning high authority towards your site can translate to more traffic by the minute. Once you have established your site as one of the primary sources of information on a certain topic or keyword, even subtopics that are related and searched about your content have helped you stay on the first page of SERPs.

6. Better conversion rates

As more people visit your site, there’s a big chance that these people can be converted from a “visitor” to a “customer” with buying intentions as they grow to love your content from frequently visiting your website.

7. Improves Website Load/Speed

Optimising your website pages to load fast enough is one factor to help you rise in the search engine rankings. This can also benefit your website in every way possible with constant development.

8. Aligns Marketing Efforts

With the success of your SEO plan, your other marketing campaigns that may include, social media, e-commerce, blogs, or email marketing also achieve better rankings and engagement with your users.

9. Increase social media followers

The more people that visit your website, the better chances of these people to also visit your social media platforms and engage with your brand.

10. Target Each Stage of the Buying Cycle

SEO helps your content marketing strategies become more valuable. SEO detects whether a customer has checked out an item on your website or looked at a blog about that item. Users may not convert instantly – but they will eventually. This can also be a win-win situation for both selling and receiving parties as sellers find a way to give their customers what they are looking for much easier.

11. 24/7 Promotion

Once you have managed your content to reach high rankings, search engines like Google’s search processes help your users spot your site wherever they may be. This may not be applicable if you are an e-commerce site that does not offer round-the-clock service. However, search engines process over 60,000 searches every second, which gives your highly established site still great chances of connecting with users.

12. Help provide a better user experience

Factors such as fast loading pages and responsive service chatbots can be brought up by SEO for you to better optimize and curate your website to provide a better user experience for your visitor.

13. An Affordable Technique

Although it takes time to achieve results with SEO, it is still one of the most affordable and cost-effective inbound marketing techniques that can produce highly qualified results and help your business save up. SEO allows you to make a small investment but with the continuous growth of your organic site traffic, your costs for content optimisation are reduced greatly with this marketing practice.

14. An Effective Long-Term Plan

With your costs reduced and letting organic traffic flow through your investment, it can be difficult for new competitors or other sites to pull your search engine ranking back down, even with a search engine algorithm update.

15. Better Chances of Physical Store Visits

If you have a brand with an e-commerce platform and a brick and mortar store, achieving a high ranking in search engines can better entice your audience to visit your physical store and take a look at your products themselves. Showing a wide variety of product options that speak close to your content can be a very persuasive strategy.

16. Maximise PPC

If you choose to incorporate SEO into your marketing strategy, then you will most likely opt to invest in Paid Ads (PPC) as well. Although PPC involves much more costs, mixing in SEO will help your ads thrive more across different platforms especially in the long run.

17. Discover your Audience

SEO helps you reach every member and type of your target audience. You can curate strategic target keywords for each user’s intent as their search for information relating to your content value.

18. Monitor your metrics in real-time

In digital marketing, it can be critical to understanding the outcome of your investment. And, with SEO comes web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics, and many more. These tools can help you track your website traffic, conversions, and bounce rates on site much easier.

The digital world has provided us with an array of different marketing techniques and limitless options to explore to achieve our overall business goal. Building benefits with SEO can be tough as you start yet it is an excellent method that has helped plenty of business to reach new leads and grow each day.

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